WebSite X5 Evo and Pro 

Wide-angle photographs are very attractive but there isn't always enough space on a website page to show them to their best.

A simple solution is to insert them in a smaller window and let visitors move the picture to view the hidden parts.

  • Prepare a wide-angle photo that develops on a horizontal plane, so it is wider than it is high.
  • Insert an Image Object and import your wide-angle photo.
  • In Image Object > Display, set the Display Mode to Manually enlarge and move the Image or Automatically enlarge and move the Image and then select the Horizontal Panoramic View as Movement Mode.
  • Enter the actual Height of the photo.
  • You can also use the Show the navigator option to give visitors an interactive preview of the full picture.


You can insert wide-angle photos that develop on a vertical plane in the same way.