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Having much text to show and little available space: typical, isn't it? An efficient way  to solve this issue is to organize the text into paragraphs and let the visitors choose the section they want to read and hide the rest simply by selecting the relative titles. In a nutshell: you should use the Accordion Text Object, just  like we did in our FAQ-section for the  BillMarsh-Consultant template. More examples are available on this Preview page.

How to add texts

A text which needs to be organized in sections, each one having its own title, such as a FAQ-list or a glossary, perfectly fits into the Accordion Text. Each text section then corresponds to a box with its own title.

  • Double-click the Accordion Text Object you added on the page to open its settings window.
  • Select the Box 1 from the Category list.
  • Add a title and the text in the specific fields.
  • Repeat these steps to add all the other text sections: you can add up to 10 boxes.
  • Set the maximum size the Object can take on. If the text you added needs more space, a scroll bar will be displayed.

How to define the graphic style

  • Still in the Accordion Text window, use the Graphic and Options sections to define:
    • the Style, by choosing among the available ones;
    • the title and the text size and the font;
    • the element colors;
    • the distance, expressed in pixels, between the elements.
  • To finish up, set the duration time to pass from a box to the other, i.e. the effect shown when expanding / collapsing a text box.
  • Click on OK when you're happy with the result.

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