WebSite X5 Pro from version 13

WebSite X5 Manager is an app for website administrators so that they can manage their websites even when they are not at home or in the office and are working from a tablet and/or smartphone.

WebSite X5 Manager is available for both iOS and Android and it can be downloaded, free of charge, from either the App Store or Google Play. Once it has been installed, administrators can easily log in, using their credentials assigned in the Access Management section, and access the dashboard that provides a panorama of all the information available in the various sections.

You can carry out a number of operations from the dashboard or the menu, depending on the features that have been set up on the website, such as:

  • display the Website hit statistics,
  • manage comments for the Blog and Comments and Ratings Object,
  • manage User registration,
  • manage orders, stock availability and the comments for the products of your online store,
  • display the list of Dynamic Content Objects,
  • access the diagnostics tools.

If you want to stay posted about what's happening on your website, you can set up the App so that it sends you a push notification each time you receive a new comment, a new order or when stocks are running low, and so on.

WebSite X5 Manager lets you manage all of your websites and move quickly and easily between them: remember though, that WebSite X5 Manager can only  be used with websites that have been created with WebSite X5 Pro as from version 13.

How to install the WebSite X5 Manager App

To install the WebSite X5 Manager App, follow these few steps:

  • In Step 1 - Settings, click on the Website Management button and open the WebSite X5 Manager section.
  • Click on the App Store or Google Play button to access the tabs dedicated to the App on the related stores.
  • Alternatively, scan the QR Code with your smartphone to access the App page on the App Store or Google Play.
  • Start the installation of the App.

The buttons and the QR Code useful to connect to the stores and proceed with the installation of the App are also present in the WebSite X5 Manager section of the Online Control Panel.