WebSite X5 Pro

If you use the WebSite X5 internal comment management system, the comments you receive for your Blog can be managed on both the online Control Panel and the WebSite X5 Manager App.

The WebSite X5 Manager App is free for both iOS and Android. To install it, you simply need to use the buttons on the App Store and Google Play or the QR Code  you can find both in the software on Step 1- Settings > Website Management > WebSite X5 Manager section and in the WebSite X5 Manager section on the online Control Panel.

Once the App is installed, in order to manage the comments you get you just need to:

  • Open the App and, if you haven't already, add the Website to the list of those which can be managed through the app itself.
  • Tap the desired Website to open the Dashboard, then go to the Blog section.
  • Use the category and post list to select the one you want to moderate on.
  • Browse though the list of comments you got for the selected post and use the available options to approve, reject or delete each comment.

You can also set a push notification every time a User comments on your Blog:

  • In the Control Panel window you need to activate the Enable push notifications option.
  • Export the updated Website online.
  • In the App Website Settings window verify if the option to receive notifications related to the reception of a new Blog comment is active.

#tip - Comments and Ratings.The management system for the Blog comments and the one for the messages left using the Comments and Ratings Object are the same. As for the online Control Panel, the Website X5 Manager App has a section for the management of Comments and Ratings and it reports on the Settings section the option to set a notification e-mail every time a new comment is published.